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To start working with us, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Join image/svg+xml GitHub.
  2. Check out our repositories and open issues.
  3. Join our image/svg+xml Slack board (please let us know if the link expired).
  4. Join the #oss-community and leave a short message about yourself. Please include (1) your relevant skills and experience level, (2) your GitHub username, (3) your email address (e.g., for calendar invitations), and (4) the repositories or issues you are most interested in. If you can't decide, no problem, just indicate that you are open to work on anything and we will suggest some issues for you.
  5. Once we have added you to our GitHub organization, you can assign yourself to an issue.
  6. Please carefully read the guidelines below, as well as any relevant language-specific guidelines. If you are managing a project, please also consult the project management guidelines.
  7. Start coding! 💻

Privacy note

If you do not want to share your GitHub username and/or your email address in the public channel, please send a direct message to a project lead instead.

Always work on issues

If you want to propose code changes and there is no corresponding issue available, please make sure to open an issue first and get some feedback from project leads. This is to avoid the frustration of putting in work for nothing in case the project leads had other plans.

One-time contributors

If you like, you can skip steps 3. to 5. and raise pull requests from forks. Note, however, that some CI workflows may not (yet) be fully supported for pull requests raised from forks, which may delay the review process and the merging of your changes.